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About Us


Stour Valley Educational Trust will provide a secure, stimulating and inclusive centre of academic excellence in rural education.

This will be achieved through schools in our Multi-Academy Trust that serve the communities of Clare and the surrounding villages, which retain their individual identity and champion the Trust’s values, while sharing best practice in all aspects of education.

Central to our vision is the belief in the uniqueness of every student, and that every young person has gifts to discover and share with others. It is our responsibility to nurture and develop those gifts.


Our mission is to open students’ minds to their personal potential and enable them to aspire to brighter academic, professional and vocational futures in our community and beyond. This, in turn, will lead our students to achieve economic independence with national employers or with the growing regionally based industries in Suffolk, Cambridge and Essex.

Stour Valley Educational Trust Limited
Cavendish Road, Clare, Sudbury, Suffolk CO10 8PJ

☎️ 01787 279342
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